Pretty faceWhen I was a young girl, we vacationed one summer up north in Parry Sound. That Sunday, my father dragged us teenagers to church, which we weren’t too thrilled about – it was a gloriously sunny June day, and all we wanted to do was swim in the lake or go canoeing. Natural skin care was the last thing on our minds.

I don’t remember the service. But what has stayed with me for many years is the memory of a mother and daughter sitting just to the right of me, a row or two ahead.

At barely fourteen, I was hardly concerned with beauty yet – but I couldn’t help staring at them right throughout the service. Both mother and daughter had the most flawless skin I have ever seen in my life – like translucent fine china, not a pore or blemish to be seen. They had the skin of angels.

And no, I didn’t think to ask them about their beauty regime (I wouldn’t have had the nerve, back then!) I was recently reminded of them, however, after some small but life-changing experiences with skin care myself.

But this is not about me…

The Natural Skin Care Questions This Site Can Help You Answer

Although you and I have never met, I know one thing about you for sure: You are a person concerned about taking the best possible care of your skin. Everything about you spells ‘quality’. Although you’ve learned not to “sweat the small stuff” and you delegate as much as you can, your busy schedule does not stop you from paying attention to life’s fine details. There are a few small but crucial things you just won’t ignore or let slip.

One of them is your skin. Time used to be when you wouldn’t have thought twice about ingredients, but now you’d prefer to practice chemical free skin care. And like me, you have been searching for the best possible product to give you younger-looking, more radiant, more vibrant and healthy skin.

And you really mean ‘the best’.

You don’t mind paying for quality. But you expect results.

This site may just help you find the difference you’ve been dreaming of – with no hidden sign up, shopping cart, order form or subscription. Nothing to buy – just some really valuable information that will “short cut” your efforts and de-mystify both commercial and natural skin care products.)

I’ve created Marvelous-Skin dot com to give you a master key that will instantly unlock several doors – thanks to its rich content of basic but hard-to-find information; a link to an exciting and valuable publicly-accessible database; and my own personal product recommendations.

It’s just a one-page website, but like the best skin care products, it contains only carefully produced, value-added content. Yes, there are actual products I’m excited to personally recommend – but that’s only one small part of what I want to share with you today.

Without Having To Get A Degree In Chemistry And Biology, How Would You Like To Find Out Instantly What Is In Each Skin Care Product On The Market – Good Or Bad?

This site is about to show you:

  • Which ingredients really do make a beneficial, healthy and significant difference
  • Which ingredients your skin type should avoid
  • Which ingredients are actually toxic, and pose serious health hazards
  • Skin care products that are so purely produced, with such great natural ingredients, they are literally, medically safe enough to eat

First quickly ask yourself a couple of important questions that will narrow things down significantly…

Which Skin Care Challenge Do You Face Every Day?

You’re probably tired of using skin care products only to find that they don’t give you the results they promise. You have tried many of the most expensive ‘top-line’ skin creams and serums on the market – and to your disappointment, most of these have proved to be ineffective in correcting your individual skin challenges. You are confident you know your skin type, but you may be here because you’ve recently been surprised to discover that what once was true for your skin has now changed.

First, a quick check list. Which of these statements best describes you?

  • My skin is too oily. I can depend on an acne breakout right when it’s most inconvenient
  • My skin is too dry and taut. I’m getting early wrinkles!
  • My skin seems to be losing the battle with gravity a little more each day. I’m noticing bags, sags, wrinkles and deep grooves.
  • My aging skin is making me feel old and tired. I never thought I’d say this, but lately I’ve even been considering surgery! Or at the very least, collagen injections…
  • I’m noticing more and more “age spots” and my skin is starting to discolor here and there
  • I’m so tired of allergies and sensitivities – I never used to have them. And my old dependable brands suddenly don’t work any more

To help you determine the best solution for you, let’s break this down even further…

How Do You Choose?

Which of these statements resonates the most strongly with you?

  • I don’t have time to exercise and eat as well as I should – but at least I use top of the line skin care products
  • I have a favorite brand, and knowing it’s produced by one of the top companies makes me feel secure
  • I look at the ingredients, not the price. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find lower price products that contain the same ingredients as “big name” company products
  • Chemical free skin care is my absolute priority – and I want to know why their ingredients work
  • No matter how expensive or inexpensive, a brand will work on me for a few months – and then I have to switch, because I start developing sensitivities to it
  • I have my favorite cosmetic counter (and brands) at my preferred upscale store, and I enjoy pampering myself with mini-consultations
  • I don’t think about it much. I’ve used the same brand for years. It’s expensive, so I know it’s good – and besides, I lead a healthy, active lifestyle with a great diet

I know you’re busy, so I’m going to break off here for a moment. If you have already researched and know all you need to about product ingredients, elements needed for youthful skin, micro-emulsions and toxic chemicals, and you are merely looking for an exceptional, rapid-acting product with natural, safely-produced ingredients, let me straight away recommend Xtend-Life.

For those who are just beginning their research – or if you don’t know if your favorite major cosmetics company is one of the proactive ones who have signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics – please read on. Thank you!

Most Of A Company’s Budget Goes On Marketing Your Skin Care Product – Not On Testing And Results

The bigger the company, the bigger the budget. It’s a sad fact that even with those high end products, most of the time, you’re paying up front for:

  • Designer bottles and jars for creams and lotions
  • magazine and television ads
  • huge royalties for lovely young models and celebrities whose names and faces will sell

In a moment or two I’m going to give you a definite and quick list of ingredients that do more harm than good. Why would a company put them in your anti wrinkle cream or skin care cream?

Well, several reasons. They are looking at keeping up with an ever increasing demand. They want maximum profit. These ingredients give their products artificially long shelf life for maximum sales power. I could go on and on… but the bottom line is, many companies are focused on solving problems and creating benefits for themselves, not for their customers. They constantly try to balance profit with compliance, rationing out just enough quality to keep people lulled and loyal with high overhead, fierce competition and maximum dollar.

A quick way to select the best chemical free skin care product for your skin type and budget is to scan the ingredients list for chemicals and additives you need to avoid.

Ingredients That Extend The Shelf Life Of The Product – NOT Your Delicate Skin

You might be as astonished as I was to learn just how many popular (and expensive!) skin creams and moisturizers contain toxic elements: Or if not actually toxic, at the very least contain ingredients that will, over time, actually do damage to your skin. (In fact, the moment I realized this, I resolved to research further and ended up creating this site!)

Why would companies do that, you ask? Well, let’s take the example of parabens – disguised under a number of names. Parabens basically preserve the shelf life of the cream: however, they are toxic when applied to human skin. They won’t preserve your shelf life.

Here are 7 of the most common offenders to guard against:

    • Mineral oil: This oil is used in hundreds of the products I’ve looked at in the drugstore and department stores. Mineral oil also goes by the names paraffin wax, liquid paraffin, and petrolatum on the product label.There’s one reason mineral oil is so universally used in skin care products: it’s cheap!Some people swear by petrolatum products. They do feel soothing, and they seem to work – initially. However, there’s a definite, medically-proven “down side”…
      • Your skin can’t breathe. Mineral oil acts as a sealant. It literally clogs your pores
      • Your skin can’t eliminate toxins – one of its most important basic functions
      • Sealing promotes acne flare-ups and skin irritations
      • If used for a prolonged period, it will cause chapping and dryness
      • Known to cause photosensitivity and rashes
      • Promotes premature aging of the skin after long-term use (similar to the effects of heavy smoking on skin – both due to oxygen starvation)


    • Dioxane: This substance is synthetically derived from coconut, and is widely used in skin care products. The problem is, it frequently contains significant concentrations of 1,4-dioxane, which is easily absorbed through the skin. This substance is:
      • “Known to the State of California to cause cancer.”
      • Named in studies as a leading contaminant of groundwater


    • Fragrances: You may not be aware that many fragrances include ingredients that are known to be carcinogenic, or otherwise toxic. And, even leaving that aside, most fragrances contain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in sensitive skin – yours or other peoples’.

      TIP: Fragrances applied in creams and lotions cover a large surface of this sensitive organ we call skin. If you want fragrance, best to leave that to a single dab of cologne in one small spot. Don’t allow it to permeate every pore of your body.

    • Toluene: This substance appears in most synthetic fragrances. It is a concentrated by-product derived from coal tar or petroleum, and known to be extremely toxic.
      • Other names for toluene include benzyl, benzoic acid, and BHT.
      • Prolonged exposure to toluene causes liver or kidney damage, anemia, and may affect a developing fetus.


    • Parabens: Parabens such as propyl, butyl, methyl, and ethyl paraben are commonly used in skin care and moisturizing products as a preservative, to ensure that the product has a long shelf life. Their presence has nothing to do with protecting your skin.Clinical studies suggest that parabens may cause cancer. Some commonly documented effects:
      • Affect estrogen levels in the body.
      • Prevent the body’s endocrine system from functioning normally.
      • Known to cause allergic reactions and skin rashes.


    • Alcohols: The good news? Not all alcohols have irritating properties for the skin. For example, stearyl and cetearyl alcohol are actually waxes, and are quite harmless to skin.However, ethanol, methanol, benzyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, and SD alcohol are very drying. They strip away the natural acid mantle that protects the skin, thus leaving you vulnerable to bacteria, molds, and viruses.


  • Triclosan: This is an antibacterial agent that is very widely used in skin care products – and also in weed killers.Evidence suggests that the wide use of triclosan in skin care products may contribute to the development of strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

The Truth About Beneficial “Active Ingredients”

Here is an important piece of information you need to know.

Many of the more expensive skin care products on the market really do include some good active ingredients. However, the manufacturers have included tiny, insignificant amounts, just so they can legally be listed on the product label.

Even smart consumers, the ones who do read labels, think they’re getting a great product full of terrific ingredients. But because these ingredients are genuinely expensive to produce, and the larger cosmetic companies are already allocating most of their budgets to marketing, they don’t use enough of these “active ingredients” to make any real difference to your skin.

The other fact no likes to mention: How these ingredients are processed greatly affects their potency and ability to work. Proper processing increases manufacturing costs and drastically reduces output at the same time.

So What Does This Mean For Me?

You need to be able to properly read the labels of various skin care products before you purchase them, to discover what they do and do not contain. You don’t want to buy a cream that fills in those fine lines and wrinkles, pulling your skin taut and making it look smoother, but just temporarily. Wash off the cream, and there are the wrinkles back again.

And you absolutely don’t want to find a product that feels nice, but is burying your skin alive and choking off its oxygen supply.

You do want a product containing active ingredients that can actually stimulate your body to produce new collagen and elastin. With natural anti aging skin care, you can actually quite genuinely begin to turn the clock back, at least for your skin.

How To Find A Skin Care Product Containing A High Concentration of Beneficial Active Ingredients

Woman applying a skin care prodcutEven among the “good” ingredients, there is trouble in paradise:


You’d probably think that you can’t go wrong, choosing a skin care product that contains the vital protein, collagen. Manufacturers know you’ll think that, and so some of them put collagen in their products. It’s useless to your skin, however, because the animal collagen molecules they are using are much too large to penetrate and benefit your skin, when applied topically. (The addition of collagen is a great “selling point,” though, and can justify a hefty price on a product – at least, that’s how the manufacturers see it).

It wouldn’t help your skin to ingest collagen as an oral supplement, either. To solve the collagen problems, you need to do two things:

  • First, you need to stop the degradation of collagen.
  • THEN you need to find a way to stimulate natural collagen production in your body


The other vital protein that helps your skin stay firm and flexible is elastin. When your skin is stretched – for example, through pregnancy or weight gain – elastin helps your skin to return to its original size and position. Elastin, too, breaks down with age. This means your skin no longer “snaps back” when it’s stretched. It’s like the elastic at the top of a favorite pair of sport socks – after a certain amount of time and a lot of wear, the socks no longer stay up, they just droop.

Hyaluronic Acid

This substance is produced naturally by the body, and acts as a vital catalyst between collagen and elastin, binding them together.

So you will need:

A Product That Naturally Stimulates Collagen and Elastin Production – And Doesn’t Produce Hyaluronic-acid-destroying Hyaluronidase

best skin care creamAnd you’re looking for ingredients like these:

Phytessence Wakame

This sea kelp, native to the Sea of Japan, is a powerful antioxidant. It is cultivated and eaten by the Japanese for good health, and exercises a noticeably positive effect on your skin. Besides containing essential minerals (including 15 times more calcium than milk) and B vitamins (particularly effective if absorbed naturally instead of taken in pill form as supplements), Wakame also blocks activity of hyaluronidase in the body, a substance that breaks down vital hyaluronic acid in your skin.

Xtend TK™

Skin care products offered by major manufacturers often contain keratin, a crucial protein in the formation of nails and skin. However, these products derive their keratin from heated animal by-products like hooves, horns, and feathers. Basically, glue.

However, Xtend TK™ keratin was developed by a company deeply concerned about this problem and committed to safe chemical-free skin care. This ground-breaking natural substance aced clinical trials to show whether or not it could stimulate growth of fresh collagen, elastin, and new skin cells. Xtend TK™ for the first time provides a form of safely-extracted, cold processed keratin that is “bio-active” – in other words, totally available to your skin.

And it is so innovative and produced so uniquely (and the company spent so much money and time developing it), this form of keratin has actually been trademarked and patented.

Xtend TK™ uses natural keratin from the wool of New Zealand sheep, gently converted to a functional form that can penetrate your skin with ease

Xtend TK™ has been clinically proven to provide:

    • A sustained 14% improvement in retention of skin moisture over 18 days, as well as a sustained improvement in skin elasticity of 42% over 18 days
    • It takes less than three weeks to see that kind of difference in your skin


CoQ10 (CoenzymeQ10)

A powerful antioxidant, found in all the cells of the human body. Many people take oral CoQ10 supplement to fight free radicals in the body and prevent Alzheimer’s or memory loss. Like many other vital substances, CoQ10 is depleted as we age. Replenishing CoQ10 levels is believed to strengthen weakened and failing heart muscles, and avoid damage from various other diseases.
Unfortunately, most typical skin care products containing CoQ10 cannot provide your skin with the full benefits. As with collagen, the CoQ10 particles are too large to penetrate the skin, when applied topically. The CoQ10 just remains on the surface of the skin.

Remember we talked about “micro emulsions?” There is one new form of CoQ10 called Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 that effectively penetrates through seven layers of skin to destroy free radicals and reverse wrinkles.

Nano-Lipobelle also encourages the production of our old friends, collagen and elastin. The reason this form of CoQ10 is so efficient is that the particles are emulsified to a microscopic size that work in synergy with vitamin E in nano-emulsion.

Phytessence Wakame, Xtend TK™, and CoQ10: together they are some of the most powerful anti-aging skin care compounds available. They will significantly improve the look and the feel of your skin.

And where can all three of these ingredients be found in one product line? You’re about to find out! These are the products that have me so excited.

Xtend-Life Natural Products

The Xtend-Life Natural Products Company of New Zealand has made a commitment to producing safe and effective skin care products for men and women. One of their most important statements, in my opinion, is that every single ingredient they use is safe enough to ingest without any harmful effects. Now, I go to great lengths to feed my cats premium cat food with human-quality ingredients and no preservatives or animal by-products. Why wouldn’t I want to be equally careful with my own body, and its largest breathing organ, my skin? I use their products every morning and every night, and I would never go back to my old products!

Xtend-Life is one of the few cosmetic companies that focus most of their budget on the research, development, and production of the best skin care products available, instead of on marketing. Theirs is not a household name – yet. They don’t ask Hollywood celebrities to endorse their products (for huge royalties). They don’t advertise in magazines, on the radio, on television. Xtend-Life ships world-wide, and you can order easily online. But they are rapidly growing in popularity, as excited customers like me spread the word, and results of scientific studies are made public.

Xtend-Life is a privately-held corporation not influenced by “venture capitalists”, lending institutions, or corporate shareholders. They control every aspect of their own product development and manufacture, including sourcing of raw materials, which highest quality and tested for purity at every step. Moreover, in every single skin care product Xtend-Life offers, at least 50% of it comprises active ingredients! Their client base currently includes customers in over 40 countries.

The other thing I’m impressed by – their business philosophy. They pledge to provide the “best products possible at a fair price… while giving exceptional personal service”. As a thrilled customer, I can happily attest that they are living up to their end of the bargain!

So if your own personal goal is to achieve younger-looking, more radiant and vibrant skin, I invite you to visit this company’s site and read all about their products, their history, and their health philosophy. It won’t take long, and I believe you will be as impressed as I am.

And at the very least, you’ll become a more knowledgeable consumer when it comes to skin care products!

The Compact For Safe Cosmetics: A Truly Unique Database

My last priceless piece of information I’d like to share with you, discovered while doing research for this site:

Did you know that there exists a Compact for Safe Cosmetics? Companies that sign this Compact pledge not to use in their products “any chemicals that are known or strongly suspected of causing cancer, mutation or birth defects.” They also promise to substitute “hazardous materials with safer alternatives in every market they serve.”

It’s disappointing, to say the least, to look at an alphabetical list of companies that have signed, and to find that most of your favorites are not there. Many of the major cosmetics companies have, to date, refused to sign the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.

Take a look at this website, and see which companies are conspicuous by their absence:

On the other hand, just because we can understand why the big companies do what they do, it doesn’t mean that we have to be taken in by sophisticated, cleverly-engineered marketing schemes. They count on the fact that most people just aren’t going to take the time and effort to research skin care products, to really learn which ingredients are not only effective but healthy – and which are actually pose a danger to you and your skin. Major companies are not going to run short any time soon of people who will rush to purchase their newest product simply because they’ve seen them in a lush, full-color magazine or on TV.

I’m hoping I have been helpful to you, through this website, in your effort to learn a little about cosmetic ingredients – which are dangerous and which are helpful, and what you can do to make sure you get what you pay for. I’ve spent all this time researching the subject, and the more people who can benefit from it, the better!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all ended up like the mother and daughter I saw all those years ago, in Parry Sound. With healthy, natural, flawless skin.


Tina Falconi

P.S. If you want to learn more about why Xtend-Life holds that solitary PATENT on its ultra-safe and effective production of bio-active keratin that is not produced from animal horn, hooves and feathers, visit this page on their site.



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